Well, I suppose this blog isn’t about anything in particular, it’s just a place for semi-personal ramblings and musings. I might write more here later, when I can think of something.

Of course, it might be worth mentioning that this is essentially the English version of my Norwegian language blog at orangorill.barsk.org. Note however that that does not necessarily mean that the content will be the same. There will naturally be some overlap, but not all that much, I think.

Perhaps I should add a few paragraphs about myself (although, if you are reading this, you most likely already know all this). I am a 28 year old human male from Norway, currently residing in Oslo. I’m currently studying English at the University of Oslo, with a focus on language history. I enjoy bananas, cats, music and liquorice. I look somewhat like this:

Only a bit older and usually facing towards you. A camera is a handy accessory; it makes you look both techier and artsier at the same time.