Better late than never

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Decided not to quit just yet. ;)

This is a bit of a continuation of a post I made over two years ago. I recently moved house, and I now actually have room for all the games and accessories I’ve accumulated over the years. I light of that I decided to unpack, put together and finish painting a few of the Warhammer 40,000 armies I have lying around. The last time I was actively painting and gaming was back in 2008, and before losing interest I had bough quite a few boxes of Tau Empire units, as well as small collection of Orks. One problem I’ve always had, which I’m sure many if not most miniature games will recognise, is the habit of buying stuff without painting or even assembling it. I had a complete Necron army, slightly north of 1,000 points, lying around for over a decade (more on that later).

During the months of gaming in the spring of 2008 I only painted a couple of units of Fire Warriors and battlesuits, and only one single ork. Anyway, when deciding to pick up the brush again I figured I’d start lightly, and got to work on my Gorkamorka models, many of which I’d owned since 1998 and never painted. I figured I could always use them in my planned ork army in the future. I’ve finished two mobs so far, and I thought I’d share some pictures of them.

Ork Mob

You kind of have to have an ork mob if you want to play Gorkamorka. The game is centered around them, both in terms of background and rules. It is only natural then, that I decided to start with a a small group of these larger greenskins.

Firstly, here’s my truck, as well as two nobz and three boyz, including the driver (a grot also managed to sneak into the picture). I should probably add a gunner and a weapon to the vehicle; leaning towards a rokkit launcha. All of these are original Gorkamorka models. I was considering using the current ork models as well, but they are much larger, and don’t fit very well in the truck. I think it is probably better to either stick to the older models, or replace the mob with new models entirely.

Here are some grots, as well as a slaver and a wartrak. I always enjoyed using grots in my mobs due to the fact that they shoot just as well as the orks, and cost a lot less.

Mutie Raiding Party

When I first got into Gorkamorka, the Digganob supplement was already out, and most of the other players had ork mobs. There were also a couple planning to pick up Rebel Grot and Digga mobs, which left the muties unaccounted for, so I naturally decided to try them out. Playing muties in Gorkamorka can be hugely satisfying in that even the lowliest mutie is vastly superior to anything less than a nob, both in terms of skill and equipment. You get few of them, sure, but when each one is so powerful, and able to work independently of the rest of the group, you can easily hold your own against groups of orks, grots and diggas. It is a bit like playing Space Marines, I suppose.

These were a bit tricky to paint, since there really is no 40k (or even Fantasy) equivalent to base them on. I’m not entirely happy with the result, but it’ll do. The mutie riders pictured here are the only six Games Workshop ever released, making this the most easily acquired complete Citadel miniatures possible. ;)

Rebel Grot mob

Now, I don’t own any of the original Rebel Grot models. I’ve been looking for them on eBay, especially the vehicles, but they appear to be fairly expensive at the moment. Collectors items, apparently. At the moment, having no opponents, I’m not willing to spend all that much money on this project, so I will probably put this mob on hold for a while. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t made an effort. I picked up the current runtherd and grots plastic kit, and here’s what I’ve done with it:

The one in front left is supposed to be the head honcho. I’ve basically added a few Space Marine bits (a bolter, a sword and a scout shoulder pad) to make him look a little more well off than his mobmates. The banna waver carries a Space Marine standard (stolen from a sergeant), and I think the pole (shoddy work, I know) is a Warhammer Fantasy Ungor spear. I plan on putting together some vehicles in the future, when I can figure out how to do it cheaply enough. I think I should be able to pillage a sail from a Dark Eldar Raider for my cutta, and perhaps the Snotling Pump Wagon could make for a decent big lugga? I guess we’ll see.

After finishing these models I felt that painting orks could be quite rewarding, so I got to work on the 40k orks I had. So far I’ve finished around 1,000 points worth, and I’m currently working on a unit of ard boyz and a looted chimera. I’ll make a post about this later, I think.

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