Painting Battlelore

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A few weeks ago I picked up the base set for Battlelore, and later a few expansions. Seems like a decent replacement for miniature games, essentially a slightly simplified version of that, requiring a bit less of your time, effort and funds. The miniatures that come with the game are all soft plastic some sort of dull gray which makes it nigh impossible to pick out any detail (and thus tell them apart easily), so I decided to paint them. It seemed a bit daunting, and so far I’ve only completed 26 out of the two-hundred-and-something that came in the set, but then again I’m not in a hurry. Here’s a work in progress, click for full size:

No cavalry yet, but I have three halfway painted, I’ll finish them later this week. I don’t know when – or if – I be able to field two fully painted armies, but slow progress is still progress.

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